This display board is a kind of environmental data logger. Time Temperature Humidity display is a highly capable and reasonable solution for display of real time environmental data. The product provides more precise measurement inputs as it consists of highly efficient sensors for temperature and relative humidity. The sensor used in this product is having ultra low power consumption so overall power consumption is also lesser and gives fully calibrated, digital output. While the product is highly capable, it is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Key Features:

  • Ease of operation: The time can be set either by Serial Communication from a PC or by push buttons mounted on the unit.

  • Accurate Real-time Clock with backup battery. The real time clock is exceptionally accurate. Kindly refer to digital clocks for specifications.

  • High quality enclosure which is robust and environment resistant.

  • Custom sizes can also be manufactured to suit your requirements.

  • Sensor used to measure temperature and relative humidity is highly accurate and give output in digital format.

  • Temperature and Humidity accuracy is up to single decimal point.

  • Temperature can be displayed in centigrade as well as Fahrenheit.

  • Information can be displayed in intervals configured by the user.


Govt. Organizations
Traffic Signals
Machine Strokes
Assembly Lines
Employee Motivation
Public awareness


Contact Closure Inputs:
Power Supply:
Physical Construction:
MS Cabinet with
Powder Coating


We also undertake designs as per our customer specifications. Mail us your specifications at contact@conicsystems.net with subject of the mail 'specs for time temperature humidity display'. 


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