The programmable PC based LED Moving Message Displays are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. All LED Moving Message Displays are easily programmed, changing the message virtually instantly with your windows based PC.

Our products are ideal for promoting sales and events in retail business and perfect for Real-Time line status and production information. Bright, colors and motion combine to attract attention and pull more customers into your business.


At Conic Systems we have experienced Software and Hardware Engineers, so if you would like your display to operate in a non standard way, chances are that our designers can tailor a Software Package that will suit your requirements.

We offer several different methods of programming and each product can be configured to the appropriate controller required. A user friendly software is an option if you wish to program via your computer – RS232 is the standard interface or for greater distances RS485. Conic Systems has been offering a total service, from initial consultation to manufacturing and installation. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals are always available to offer help and advice.

Our LED displays are designed for outstanding visual impact, combining light, multiple colors and motion to attract attention, improve communications and promote your business and/or services.

Salient features of our PC based displays are:

  •  Available in 8’’, 16’’ heights

  • Available from 3 feet to any length 

  • Colors available: Red / Green / Yellow / Blue 

  • User friendly software to send data to display 

  • Auto centering of text 

  • Visual effects supported: Rolling / Up Curtain / Down Curtain / Flash / Freeze   

  • Variable speed control support 

  • Can store up to 100 messages 

  • Language supported: English ( all other languages supported ) 

  • RS -232 / RS 485 protocol depending on the distance


Shopping Malls
Machine Strokes
Assembly Lines
Employee Motivation
Public awareness


Contact Closure Inputs:
Power Supply:
Data Inputs:
RS232 / RS485 / Infrared / PLC
Physical Construction:
MS Cabinet with
Powder Coating


However, besides the above items we can customize the displays as per client’s specifications, please contact us to discuss the project in detail at contact@conicsystems.net.


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