• High visual impact, simple elegance.

  • High-intensity light source, innovative fixtures.

  • Both cathode lamps and LED strips as light source for illuminating is been used. 

  • Desk-mount, wall-mount and ceiling hung available.

Picture animated message display is a strong and versatile communication tool, offering total flexibility in the presentation of your messages, combined with unique animated graphics to enhance your product.

Monochrome LED text and animation displays are a cost-effective addition to a message system. They may also be used as an alternative to the full color LED display. Although sometimes used as the entire video display, they are most often used as message centers for promotions and statistical information and are incorporated into the cabinet structure of a total scoring system along with a full color video board. Many fascia ribbons are also monochrome due to the lower cost.

You can import mono scale and crop to fit the display, then using the 150 individual page reveal methods, you can specify the number of frames you want the reveal over and also enter text and text effects in any PC font.

We use the highest quality LEDS with the widest viewing angles and brightness available in the market. Display Boards are programmed by computer, any electronic display ranging from the simplest alpha numeric text to the complicated animated graphics is within your grasp, offering complete versatility and unlimited potential for advertising or promotional campaigns. The images are eye catching and an excellent medium for communication.

The LED graphic panels are made up from several basic modules and all variations to give full flexibility on the size of a sign.

General Information:

  • LED clusters - last approx 10 years or more.
  • Hooded clusters for better sun protection.
  • Waterproof MS cabinet including power supply and main board
  • Auto-Desk Animator, Studio or any other animated graphic software.
  • User friendly menu and ICON based software.


Advertising, Promotions
Shopping Malls
Traffic Control
Sporting Events
Machine Strokes
Assembly Lines
Employee Motivation
Public awareness


Contact Closure Inputs:
Power Supply:


We also undertake designs as per our customer specifications. Mail us your specifications at contact@conicsystems.net with subject of the mail 'specs for Animated message display'.


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