PC Display Studio is a user friendly software to create LED graphics. With its innovative feature and rich interface the user has provision to do font to pixel conversion of any language. Edit feature to cut, copy and paste frames, save them as binary files and lots more.

This software allows the user to create a sequence of messages with various visual effects and create a executable binary that can run on ATMEL based 8051 chips. The advantage of this type of software give the user an edge to work with various effects and eye-catching images to make their displays look appealing. With a click of a button the user can create IC files and power on to see your creation getting implemented on hardware.


Salient features of this software are:

  • Text mode to convert any font into dotted matrix

  • Dot mode to create designs by dragging the mouse

  • Provision to save all the images in files

  • Editing, copy and paste features supported on image canvas

  • Zoom in and out to get detailed view of your design

  • Provision of scratch pad to store temporary designs

  • Inverse colour with a click of a buttonr/release

  • Visual effects supported: Rolling / Curtain / Top-Down / Bottom-Up/Flash / Freeze

  • Can sequence up to 100 messages

  • Create hex file ready to burn in your IC with a click of a button

  • Provision to delete any message while sequencing them

  • File space restricted according to the storage space of the selected IC


For further queries about our product contact us at contact@conicsystems.net with subject of the mail 'PC Display Studio'.


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